Multitap is a modern multimedia tool providing innovative and unusual possibilities of tactile presentation of products, information or services using unique, interactive mechanisms and advanced technologies.

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multiTap - it is a team of young, experienced and dynamic professionals from IT sector, whose passion is interactive technologies surrounding our everyday life, becoming the integral part of it on the fields of business, education and amusement.

multiTap as a producer of touch and kinetic devices provides high flexibility of solutions for all customers, taking into account market conditions while keeping attractive prices..

multiTap is also a new brand of touch solutions on the Polish market which launching was followed by many years of experience in multimedia devices and visual promotion. Over the years we built and perfected our experience under Europe Led brand, that has been a pioneer in the market of large-format LED screens in Poland.

We created a research and development center as a result of following the improvements of touch solutions and respecting the newest technological achievements in the development of personal solutions in this field. The challenge that our engineers have been facing was to revitalize the existing surface by using the interactive visual touch technology. In the process of development of our technologies not only we create our own solutions based on latest technological achievements, but also we cooperate with industry leaders from around the world.

The solutions which we offer are applied as interactive tables used in multimedia presentations by developers, counters and tables in pubs, restaurants, shop windows in shopping centers and teaching aids in schools and educational institutions. They can serve as an irreplaceable tool to promote products and services during conventions and trade fairs, events and also in daily marketing activities of enterprises in their premises. Thanks to our solutions the existing infrastructure components used by various types of economic activity can be turned into a friendly environment of a dynamic, innovative customer interaction. With the MultiTap devices the bar counters will become the platform of additional multimedia entertainment, restaurant tables transform into an interactive menu card and a promotional tool, shop windows will turn into an innovative source of direct information about the products attracting the customer himself in an unconventional and instinctive way connecting with the customer. Unused areas of walls and floors can be converted into a modern interactive medium of communication.

We are excited about modern creations,
deliberated briefs
and funky events

Bogata oferta
A wide range of

touch devices
and kinetic technologies

Zespół profesjonalistów
Team of proffesionals

and enthusiasts
of new technologies

Lider technologiczny
Technological leader

in Poland and Europe

Our team

And that’s us ... full of passion, knowledge and experience Multitap’s machine modes. Get to know us closer.


MultiTap is a series of technological solutions individually adapted to the needs of your business. Explore the opportunities and organize a memorable event with MultiTap.

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