MultiTap Counter is equipment of night club, pub, hotel, casino designed on individual orders emphasing the specifics of the interior and attention to every detail.


Counters can also be used as a modern system of presentation of content in the most demanding events or trade fairs. MultiTap counters combine the functionality of a standard bar and a modern multi-touch interactive projection technology and content on the surface of the countertop.

Intelligent system of projection with tracking and projecting the motion applied is able to recognize objects contacting the surface, making interaction of the content displayed associated with the movement of objects on the table and using fingers to create virtual images while using the functionality of the system. The proposed solution is not only multi-touch device, but it also allows multiple users to interact simultaneously recognizing any number of independent actions (taps, transfers).





The surface of countertop is made from a combination of special acrylic board and tempered glass, which not only provides adequate strength and resistance to external factors such as scratches, pressure and humidity, but also ideal optical purity, which combined with the HD display gives perfect contrast and realistic color palette of displayed images.

The functionality of the system can be used for presenting the product ramge, music videos, commercials, as well as becoming a valuable social media, and can operate as a source of special effects associated with the activity of the people sitting at the counter. Eg. Picture is immediately on the counter and goes to the e-mail or phone of the customer, and may be published instantly on the chosen social network. Multitap bars can be designed and built from the scratch, or we can use an existing countertop, making their price adjusted to the capabilities of each client- the choice is up to you!



  • Increasing sales by supporting ordering process by touch and interactive menu
  • Increasing sales by innovative promotion of day-specials etc.
  • Increasing sales by taking many orders simultaneously
  • Faultless system
  • Possesing extra grants from sponsors, alcohol or energy drinks disributors
  • Raising the attractiveness of visiting the place by interactive participation in unconventional forms of fun
  • Waterproof
  • Movies, sounds, 3D presentations


  • Breathtaking interactive, dynamic effects inspired by touch and motion generated on the counter
  • Bloototh and e-mail connection
  • Possibility of fast changes and actualization of content by applying new menus, content and other special effects
  • Supporting the multitouch by simultaneously using counter by many users
  • Fast creation of dedicated special effects, commercials and announcements
  • TAG recognition
  • Images in HD resolution


MultiTap is a series of technological solutions individually adapted to the needs of your business. Explore the opportunities and organize a memorable event with MultiTap.