It is transparent, ultramodern, luxury, fully touchable and multimedia shop window with interactive interface.

The use of tactile technology, transparent LCD matrix enables you the crystal clear view of images on a completely transparent surface. These features give you the opportunity to present a specific product in connection with reaching any interactive information and visualization about it through an interactive, tactile glass exhibition.


Suitable software in connection with the exhibition base inside the window enables the tactile control over choosen product at 360 degrees. Proposed by us "Translook" devices are offered in one size: 46", different colors, with the possibility of logo placement. Furthermore, the products are available in touch version(with the touch glass) or without it. Another option is rotational exposition of the product.

Our company is the only and exclusive representative of Translook products in our country.


  • Inside shops expositions
  • Devices
  • Museums
  • Exclusive goods
  • Alcohol
  • Galleries
  • Cosmetics
  • Glasses
  • Exhibitions, trades


  • Possibility of unconventional presentation of products and expositors
  • Faultless system
  • Mac Inside
  • Possesing extra information while wathing certain product
  • Minimal current consumption – 90 % less than in traditional LCD matrix
  • 10 % more colors than competitions products
  • Simple instalation and easy use
  • Diversity and changable content
  • Working inside the network – possibility of managing even 100 Translook windows simultanously by Digital Signage


  • Breathtaking interactive, dynamic effects inspired by touch and motion generated on the exhibition window (in touch version)
  • Images in HD resolution
  • Possibility of fast changes and actualization of content by applying new menus, content and other special effects
  • Possibility of using the audio content by build-in high quality audio equipment providing unique sound experiences
  • Possibilities of quick creation of dedicated special effects, annoucements and commercials


MultiTap is a series of technological solutions individually adapted to the needs of your business. Explore the opportunities and organize a memorable event with MultiTap.